Electrical Transducer

“Electrical Transducer is specified as the sensing device which is used to detect or sense a non electrical physical quantity or magnitude and convert into electrical output signal such as voltage or current proportional to the input being measured.”

The physical quantities are basically non electrical in nature so to detect/ measure, control, store the information of physical process variables, It is required to convert it into electrical form. This is done by use of electrical transducers.

Potentiometer, LVDT, RTD, Thermocouple, Strain Gauge, Piezo-electric crystal etc. are some examples of these transducers. The transducers are also called as input transducer because they convert a non electrical quantity into proportional electrical form.

A block diagram of electrical type transducer is shown as follows-

Electrical Transducer


The Main Advantages of electrical transducer are as follows

  • Most valuable advantage of using an electrical transducer is that the electrical output of the transducer can be easily used, transmitted and processed for the purpose of measurement and control.
  • For the detection of non-electrical quantity, they consumes small amount of power to process/ operate.
  • Data Transmission, recording and storing, and presentation on display devices is easier while using electrical transducer.
  • The output of electrical transducer can be manipulated (Such as amplify, attenuate, voltage or current conversion etc.) easily according to the next stage such as indicator, controller, recorder, storage devices etc.
  • Use of mechanical parts, large moving parts is minimum or no involvement in the it. Therefore there is no mechanical wear and tear and no possibility of mechanical failure exists.
  • Mass Inertia effect is reduced due to minimum moving parts present.
  • With the advent of IC technology, the electronic systems/ components have become extremely small in size, requiring small space for their operation.
  • these transducers are having less weight and portable.
  • With the use of better materials, improved technology and circuitry, the accuracy and stability of them are increased.
  • these transducers are more reliable than other conventional transducer.


The Main Disadvantages of electrical transducer are as follows-

  • Electrical Transducers are more complex in nature to understand.
  • Their sensing elements and the associated signal processing circuitry are comparatively expensive.
  • Due to complexity of electronic circuitry, error diagnostics can be more complicated.
  • While designing the circuit the effects of aging and drift of parameters of active components (such as transistors, OP_AMP etc.) makes the design not much familiar to understand.

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