Control Valve Components/ parts

Control Valve parts are divided in two parts for better understanding

  1. Actuator Assembly
  2. Valve Assembly

The valve assembly contains all the mechanical components necessary to influence fluid flow.

 The actuator assembly provides the mechanical power necessary to move the components within the valve body.

Various parts in the assembly are shown as follows-


Actuator Assembly-

  • Diaphragm casing
  • Diaphragm Plate
  • Actuator Spring
  • Actuator Stem
  • Spring Adjuster
  • Stem Connector
  • Yoke
  • Travel Indicator & Scale
  • Valve Coupling

Direct actuator assembely

Valve Assembly-

  • Valve Bonnet
  • Bonnet Gasket
  • Valve Cage
  • Cage Gasket
  • Seat Ring
  • Seat Ring Gasket
  • Valve Body
  • Valve Plug Stem
  • Valve Plug
  • Packing Flange
  • Yoke Lock nut
  • Packing & Packing Box.

push down to close assembly

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