What is Printer ?

Printer | What is printer?

Today in this article we will try to understand what is printer. So let’s start .

Printer is an electronic device that helps in printing the output from the computer on paper, plastic, metal or other surfaces. Printers are often used to print text, images, barcodes, graphics, and other information. The printer is connected to the desktop or laptop and controlled by a driver installed directly from the computer. There are some major types of printers such as dot matrix printer, injection molding printer, laser printer, thermal printer, and document printer. Printers are used in school, college, office, and home etc. Click here to read this article in hindi. 


Parts of Printer | printer parts

A printer is a device that prints digital files from a computer onto paper or other media. The printer usually communicates with a computer and instructs it to print.

Following are some parts of the printer.

Paper feeder

The paper feeder is a magazine in a printer that automatically pushes paper through a series of rollers to get it into the printer. It is one of the components that feeds the paper into the printer.

Print head

One of the main components of the printer is the printhead. It consists of one or more small printheads, which are scanned over the paper and pasted in small droplets that form part of the final print.


Chipsets are an important part of the printer. It tells the computer what data to print and how to print it.

Toner cartridge

It is one of the main components of the printer which moves and stores the toner or refill. It is commonly used in printing paper.


These are on the outside of the printer which move the paper between the various threads and propel it to mesh with the print head.


This printer is mostly used in Laser Printer. It is used to coat the toner thread which prepares the print head for printing.

How does the printer work? How printer works ?

A printer is an electronic device that takes data from a computer or other electronic device and prints it on paper or other media. There are different types of printers, such as laser jet printer, inkjet printer, dot matrix printer etc.

An inkjet printer works in the following way:

When you give a print command from the computer, the computer prepares a message for the printer.
The message is stored in the printer’s memory.
The printer houses an ink tank in a small cartridge that quickly moves up and down to spray ink onto the membrane of the print head.
The printer draws the paper in through a diametrical belt so that the paper descends from the bottom of the printer.
The pressure of the print head forces the ink to come out and bounce on the paper.
This process is done at high speed with thousands of droplets that build up together to recreate the digital text or image that is transferred onto the media. To the naked eye the overall image looks solid because the dots are very small.
The working style of the printer can also be understood in simple words as follows-

1.An ink cartridge or tank supplies the necessary ink to the printhead
2.printhead starts moving fast across the page
3.Thousands of tiny ink droplets are sprayed onto the page at high speed in a horizontal motion
4.The page moves through the printer under the moving printhead to form the print
5. The final print is ejected to the output tray.

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