Types of Measurements | Different Types of Measurement

Types of Measurements

Before Studying the Types of measurement we should know that what is instrumentation ? So first of all here we will try to understand what is Instrumentation.

“The technology of using instruments to measure and control the physical and chemical properties of material is called instrumentation.” Click here to read this article in Hindi

The progress of instrumentation in industry took place largely in the 1930s. With the growth of continuous manufacturing, the need for continuous measurement of various process variable like temperature, pressure, level, flow, density, viscosity, pH, conductivity, vibration, humidity, moisture etc. became urgent. Thus measurement science is the foundation of efficient industrial processing and manufacturing. In our modern world there are widespread applications of instruments in various fields like automobiles. residential appliances, war weapons, satellites etc.

Now we will Discuss about measurement types.

Measurement Types

There are Two types of measurements..

  1. Direct measurement
  2. Indirect Measurement

1. Direct Measurement

In direct measurement the meaning of the measurement and the purpose of the processing operation are identical. Consider an example of collecting 1 liter of water from tank. In this example the meaning of measurement of volume and the purpose of collecting operation, both are same i.e. collecting 1 liter of water.

2. Indirect Measurement

In indirect measurement the meaning of the measurement and purpose of the processing operation are not same but they are related to each other. Consider example of pasteurizing the milk. This operation is monitored by noting the temperature of the milk. Here, the temperature measurement is indirect measurement because the purpose of operation is to pasteurize the milk i.e. to remove the bacteria that may damage the milk and the meaning of measurement is to measure the milk temperature. But note that the extent of pasteurization depends upon the temperature of the milk. In this example direct measurement would be the bacteria count.

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