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Pressure gauge is equipment that measured the pressure applied in its sensing element and indicate that. Sensing element may be bourdon tube, bellows, diaphragm and capsule etc.

In this time pressure gauge are available in two type technology. First is traditional that is analog pressure gauge and second is Digital pressure gauge. We will discuss about both.


Pressure gauge working Principle

The working principle of pressure gauges is based on Hooke’s law, “which states that the force required to expand or compress a spring, scales in a linear method with regards to the space of extension or compression, there is inner pressure and outer pressure”.

pressure gauge cut model

When pressure is applied, the elliptical tube (Bourdon tube) tries to accumulate a circular cross section; because of this, stress is developed and the tube tries to straighten up. Thus the free end of the tube strikes up, relying on magnitude of pressure. A deflecting and indicating mechanism is hooked up to the free end that rotates the pointer and signifies the Pressure reading. The materials used are generally Phosphor Bronze, Brass and Beryllium Copper. For a  2″ general diameter of the C-tube the useful travel of the free end is roughly 1/8″ . Though the C-type tubes are most common, other shapes of tubes, like – helical, twisted or spiral tubes are additionally in use.

Material: –

The primary sensing element used in the pressure gauge, depending on its range, process parameters, different material is used which is Phosphor Bronze, Brass and Beryllium Copper.


0 to 600 bar

Digital Pressure gauge:-

Digital pressure gauges are these days generally used. In case of digital pressure gauges, the AC and DC power supplies play a significant role. The switching circuit or AC is converted to DC. The measured pressure is transmitted to the sensor diaphragm which senses the pressure, based on which {an electrical} signal is generated to reach to the pc or smartphone. These gauges include a small LCD display.

digital pressure gauge

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