Integrated Injection Logic (I2L) | Merged Transistor Logic (MTL)

What is Integrated Injection Logic (I2L) | Merged Transistor Logic (MTL)

In This article We will discuss about the Merged transistor logic or Integrated Injection Logic. As we know DCTL family is not available for use due to current hogging defect. On the basis of DCTL, a new logic Integrated Injection Logic was developed a few years back. Integrated Injection Logic is as simple as DCTL. For this a very small area (space) of the silicon chip is used. The power consumption is very less in this. The fabrication of integrated injection logic is easy and crazy. Bipolar – (BPT) fabrication requires 5 masking and 3 diffusion processes, while integrated injection logic fabrication requires four masking and two diffusion steps. These properties of Integrated Injection Logic make it very useful for MSI and LSI chips. It is not possible to use Integrated Injection Logic for SST. This logic is the only saturated bipolar logic LSI.

Integrated Injection Logic Technical Principle Fusion of components ie a semiconductor field, is a common part of two or more installations. Because of this type of merging, this logic is also called merged transistor logic (MTL). This technical use saves a lot of space on the silicon chip. Click here to read this article in Hindi

Integrated Injection Logic Inverter | I2L Inverter

The circuit of Integrated Injection Logic Inverter is shown in the figure. If input Vi is ‘LOW’ (Vi = 0) then transistor T1 is ‘OFF’ and base current IB1 = 0. The input source acts as a sink for current I1, so current I2 flows through the base of transistor T2, which drives this transistor (T2) into saturation. When T1 is ‘OFF’ then T2 is ‘ON’ (VBE = VCE2, = 0.8 V).

Merged Transistor Logic

On the contrary, when the input is ‘HIGH’ (Vi = 0.8V), the base current IB1 has two components, one due to I1, and the other due to the source Vi, so transistor T1 saturates (VCE1 = VCE). (Sar) = 0.2V). Transistor T2 gets cut-off

and T2 acts as a sink for the current I2. From this it is known that the logic level of Vo is the complement of Vi i.e. transistor T1 acts like an inverter. The logic swing in this circuit is equal to about 0.6 V.

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