Cable Trays | Cable tray types

A cable tray is an assembly of metallic cable tray sections and accessories that form a rigid structural system for supporting cables.

Insulated electrical wires used for power distribution, control, and communication are supported by a cable tray system in building electrical wiring. In commercial and industrial construction, cable trays are frequently used for cable management as an alternative to open wiring or electrical conduit systems. Since new wires can be installed by placing them in the tray rather than pulling them through a pipe, they are especially helpful in instances when changes to a wiring system are planned.

As part of the cable management system, a cable tray system supports, routes, and protects cables. Numerous articles, standards, and other general guidelines about the correct use and installation of cable tray systems can be obtained through NEMA and the Cable Tray Institute

Why cable tray used?

Today, plants and buildings there are moving more towards automation, which requires complex systems of wiring and cabling. Cable trays have become an integral part of industrial and commercial construction by offering quick, economical and flexible solutions. Cable trays are capable of supporting all types of wiring such as high voltage power lines, power distribution cables, sensitive control wiring, telecom wiring and optical cables.

Cable tray types

There are several types of cable trays available . Some cable trays are given below-

Ladder Type Cable Trays

ladder cable tray

Ladder type cable trays have two side rails, which rub on the bottom flange of the side rails. This type of cable tray provides maximum ventilation to heat generating cables such as power cables. Specific designs can be manufactured to meet specific requirements.

Perforated Cable Trays


Perforated Cable Trays are manufactured from continuous roll formed structural quality steel. The trays are perforated on both sides of the cable tray. These cable trays are convenient for cables that require both protection from external damage and some ventilation.

Cable Raceway

cable raceways

The cable raceway sample is a straight section of solid bottom cable tray, fabricated from a single metal sheet. This is a closed conduit that makes way for cabling. Raceways protect wires and cables from heat, moisture, corrosion, water intrusion, and general physical hazards.

Advantage of cable tray

  • Cable tray system is easy to build and construct for complex routings.
  • Modifying cable tray system, adding new cables or eliminating old cables is easy.
  • Since cable tray system is not closed, moisture build up problems are eliminated and damage to cable insulation is also greatly reduced.
  • Cable Tray systems offer under passed reliability resulting in less need for maintenance and less down time.
  • Cable tray system provides more conductor ventilation which reduces cable heat.
  • Cable tray designing can be highly customized as per customer’s requirements.

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