What is mean by “Control” in Instrumentation

Basically Control means regulation so as to make a system are behavior confirm to an accepted , fixed or chosen standard.

In instrumentation parlance control means regulating the process in respect of a certain measured variable, so that this measured quantity stays at a fixed value or around it.


Control elements:- 

There are some control elements given below-

Primary Elements

Primary element is the name given in control study to the device that senses changes in the name of measured variable. It may be a thermocouple or orifice plate, a float or other element.

Measuring Elements

Measuring element is the device (or apparatus) that receives the output of he primary element , it may include indicating or recording devices when it does not It is termed “blind”.

Controlling Element (Controller)

Controlling element Uses the changes in the value of the measured variables sensed by the primary element and measured by the measuring element to regulate a source of power in accordance with these changes. The power may be mechanical, pneumatic or electrical.

Final Element

Final element is the device that actually varies the input to the process so that the value of the measured variable remains within the desired range.

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