Backup of DCS | Delta V | Emersion DCS

This Article establishes the minimum guidelines for Instrumentation Engineer to take the backup of DCS. This document also enables E&I technicians to do primary level configuration and troubleshooting.

Scope and responsibility

  • This document is applicable for EMERSON DELTA V DCS.
  • Instrumentation Engineers are responsible to follow the steps as mentioned in this procedure.
  • E&I Manager and Instrumentation Engineers are responsible for the implementation of this procedure.

Competency Requirements

Instrumentation Engineer must be trained to perform work on DCS.


Software back-up is required to ensure smooth operation of plant. In case of hardware or software failure/malfunction a back-up copy can be used to streamline plant operations.


Procedure requirement

  1. Ensure that the person performing the procedure is trained and qualified to work on DCS.
  2. Wrong implementation of procedure/implementation without proper communication may lead to accidents or cause of plant trip.


Proper procedure is necessary to ensure the satisfactory operation.

  1. Ensure Work order (print copy after WO released) is ready to perform the job on DCS.
  2. Ensure the work permit/Maintenance request form to take the Backup of DCS/ to perform the maintenance on DCS.
  3. Log into the Engineering Work Station as Administrator.
  4. Click on Windows Desktop option available in the “Flex lock” Menu.
  5. Click on Start button. Go to Delta V. In Delta V menu, select Delta V explorer.
  6. Once explorer is open, select the database for which back –up is to be taken.
  7. Now click on the file menu and select export.
  8. Give a filename for the back-up file and save it on the desktop.
  9. Put a blank scratchproof CD/DVD in the CD-ROM Drive.
  10. Open Roxio Creator from the start menu. Once the software window is open, drag and drop the back-up file into the software window in order to burn the CD.
  11. Ensure that correct file is dragged and click on the Burn button.
  12. Wait for 3-5 min which is the minimum time required for burning the CD.
  13. A message “Burn process complete” will be displayed on completion of the process.
  14. Remove the CD from the CD-ROM drive and keep it at a safe location.
  15. Hand back the work permit/Maintenance Request Form.
  16. Back-up procedure is now complete & Close the WO.

Record Retention

  • All the calibration records should be kept for at least three years & after that it should be disposed off.
  • One Set of Backup shall be sent to IT Department.

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