Working Principle

Ultrasonic Level Switch

Ultrasonic level switch is a device that uses inaudible high-frequency sound (ultrasound) to detect the presence or absence of a liquid at a designated point. The device consists of an electronic control unit and a sensor. Working Principle of Ultrasonic level switch:- Ultrasonic sound waves are greatly attenuated when transmitted through air. Conversely, when liquid …

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Tuning fork Type Level Switch

Tuning fork type level switch Tuning fork Type Level Switch uses a metal tuning fork structure to detect the presence of a liquid or solid in a vessel. Working Principle:- Working principle of Tuning fork type level switch is based on the changes of vibration frequency of the tuning fork when it comes into contact with a liquid …

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Vibrating rod Type level Switch

Vibrating rod type level switch is excellent for detecting levels of powder and granulated material. the vibration switch can detect powdered milk, peanuts, tobacco leaves, soybeans, sugar, coffee beans, gravel, wheat flour, spices, animal feeds, sodium carbonate, and pellets. Working Principle:  The vibration rod type level switch working principle is simple and effective. vibration type level …

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Conductivity level switch

Conductivity level switch is sensor with an electrical contact output at a specific liquid level. Applications include ponds, reservoirs, sumps, pharmaceuticals, closed vessels and open tanks. Working Principle: A low AC Voltage is connected via the control unit between the sensing electrodes and reference electrodes (tank wall in case of metallic  tanks) As soon as  the …

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